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Abstract Painting with Oil and Cold Wax - Serena Barton

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Abstract Painting with Oil and Cold Wax - Serena Barton
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Abstract Painting with Oil and Cold Wax 

Making art with oil and cold wax medium involves a lot of experimentation and a willingness to set out without knowing where you’re going to end up! You’ll learn to layer, scrape back, texture, collage, and experiment on your oil and cold wax pieces on wood panels and oil paper. You’ll learn several ways to prepare your wood panels and how to use oil painting paper with oil and cold wax. You’ll learn how to use solvents to add unusual and unexpected effects. You will explore using designs and doodles, unusual texturing methods, incising, and letting go to explore and play! 


Gamblin or Dorland’s Cold Wax Medium
Your favorite oil paints or an inexpensive set to start out
Painting (palette) knives
Paper towels or rags
Flat and/or cradled wood panels (around 11” x 14” or your favorite size)
Princeton Catalyst Wedge Tool, # 6
Texture tools, such as bubble wrap, old kitchen implements, bamboo skewers, combs, faux finish brushes, or whatever you want to try out
Venetian plaster (available at Home Depot, Loewe’s, and other paint stores
Marble Dust
Odorless mineral spirits
Ceracolors paints or acrylic paint
Arches Oil Painting Paper pad
Lightweight collage elements
Stabilo or Ebony pencil
Frog or Blue tape
Painting palette
Citra-solv Cleaner and Degreaser
Pottery scraper tool
Wax paper


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