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Bundled Dog and Cat Portraits in Graphite - Elizabeth Johnson

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Bundled Dog and Cat Portraits in Graphite - Elizabeth Johnson
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This is an offer for both the Cat Portrait in Graphite and Dog Portraits in Graphite for a reduced price if both classes are purchased.

These workshops are not for beginners. Elizabeth assumes you already have basic line drawing and shading skills as she walks you through these lessons. If you have completed the pencils 101, 201, & 301 classes you are ready for the cat and dog portraits.

You will find the class description for the Cat Portrait in Graphite here
You will find the class description for the Dog Portraits in Graphite  here

SUPPLIES (for both classes)
  • Pencils: graphite drawing pencils in grades B, 8B, & 9B. I use predominately Derwent Graphic pencils. Other quality brands are Sanford, Cretacolor, Faber-Castell, & Prismacolor Turquoise. I would not suggest using General’s Kimberly pencils.)
  • Erasers: Kneaded Eraser Paper Mate Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick (very important, only this brand of stick eraser has the narrow eraser stick necessary for the detail work you will be doing.) General’s Factis Oval Eraser or comparable
  • Blender: Paper Blending Stump. You can get a variety of sizes from very narrow to quite large. I usually use only sizes 1/8”,3/8”, and 7/16” size with the 7/16” being the one I use the most often.
  • Paper: Sketch paper. The packaging must say the word sketch rather than drawing. Drawing paper is a completely different surface than we want now. Bristol board smooth surface. Must say smooth surface. There are many brands of papers and many grades of papers. Strathmore, Canson, and Bienfang are reliable brands for the grade you will need for these classes. Cheap papers will not cooperate with your pencil and you will not be pleased with the results.
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Soft Brush: You can purchase a soft drafting brush. However, it is not necessary to spend money on this item. A soft fluffy paint brush or make up brush will work just fine. Just be sure they are clean and soft.
  • Clear Plastic Sheet, optional but encouraged
  • Small circle template, optional
  • Prospek, optional, you can buy this at Jerry’s
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