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Color Drop Flowers - Martha Lever

Color Drop Flowers - Martha Lever
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In this class you will learn to create little happy watercolor flowers which can be used as a journal element, framed as a gift or for your wall, painted onto a greeting card or painted just because you want to paint. It would be good if you have used watercolor before but if you haven’t you should be just fine. If you are a skilled watercolorist, then I probably won’t be teaching you anything that you don’t already know but I have a few twists on the techniques that make it unique.

You will learn how I use an Oriental Sumi brush and various other brushes to create beautiful pedals, leaves and stems. You will learn to let the watercolor work for you to create beautiful flowers with varied bright colors that will just make you happy if nothing else. You will find this technique very relaxing and fun and each flower comes out differently. No two are ever the same.

Come and grow a little garden with me!


I know it looks long but I am giving you sources for other optional fun extra stuff. Also*** Sometimes links will become inactive without my knowledge. Just Google the ite or go to Dick Blick and search and you will find the item.

 You probably have most of all you need in your art studio right now.


1. Watercolor

 I will be using a Prang Set 16-you can find this at your local Michaels or Hobby Lobby

This is just so that anyone who is new to watercolor will not be confused.

Feel free to use any watercolors you have available at home. I usually use M. Graham Watercolors in the tubes—but I also like Windson Newton

2.  Brushes—We will use several brushes and I will show you some specialty brushes.   A round brush #8* or #10*-or whatever you have on hand—(we hardly use this one at all so use what you have in your studio), a flat ½ inch, and a Filbert #4 (#6 if you want a larger flower)

These brushes can be purchased at Michaels but use what you have or any other brand is fine. If you use what you have just make sure you can get a good point and edge to your brushes.

Oriental Brush-Blue Heron Arts

You can also purchase an Oriental brush at Michaels by Windsor Newton. It is a #4. Just make sure any oriental brush you purchase is about 1 inch to 1 1/4  inch lengthwise (hairs of brush). I also purchased one at our local art store. You can find them locally.

Paper—We will use Strathmore 400 series cold press watercolor paper. Michaels and Hobby Lobby have this paper.  But use what you have---Arches, Fabriano, anything you have—use it. I don’t like hot press as much for this technique but try it!

 Micron Pens—in sizes .01, .05, .005—or Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen-- Fine and Extra Fine


Black Ink, black watercolor--just for the center of the flower

You can get black writing ink at Michaels or Hobby Lobby but you might have some lurking around your art stuff. Mostly we will use the black watercolor on the Prang set.

Sharpie Poster Paint (fine point white)Any white opaque pen for the center of flower Or White Acrylic

Michael’s has the Sharpie Poster Paint


 OPTIONAL FUN STUFF I will demonstrate:

You don’t have to have these things! Watch me use them first then decide whether you want to purchase.

Any cheap watercolor pencils- (anything you have: in red, orange dark yellow for creating texture)

Sandpaper-medium grit (Mine is 3M P100)

You probably have some at your house—use what you have and see if it works

Black Diamond Brushes-Filbert Wave #8, #12

Hydrus Watercolors by Dr. Ph Martin—all colors are great

Dr Ph Martin Transparent Watercolor Inks

(I love all of these colors but if you want to get a few start with your basic colors: greens, yellows, blues, magenta shades, reds

In the class I will show you the colors I use) They are VERY bright.

Distress Ink pads by Ranger –Tea Dye, Antique Linen, or Scattered Straw. Try any that you have.

My favorite Script Stamp- (to create background texture if desired)—if you have a script stamp use that. Hobby Lobby and Michael’s have similar ones sometimes.

 Level Lifter/Scrubber Brushes—this is VERY optional

 Dip Pen with pointed nib  You can get this at Michael’s—This is for the center of the flower but you can dip a small brush into the ink and achieve the same effect. But the black watercolor works just fine!

 Have fun! Email me if you have any questions.

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