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Customer Feedback

We appreciate all our students and thank you for your kind words.

  • OMG!  I just finished watching the videos for the Nellie Wortman "It's a Wrap"class!  I absolutely cannot wait to get started!  Thank you so much for offering such wonderful classes, in such an easy, user friendly environment. - Noreen

  • Hi Cathy...I want to congratulate you for your latest class. "Flora".   I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!   I did it last night...and want to redo it  again, and again...till I get it perfect!.  Great class, once again. Gisele

  • Hello Cathy!Thank You so much for your great workshop-Journaling from the Inside Out-Lots of  great tips and prompts!I posted a few pictures today-Thanks again,D'marie

  • I've really enjoyed Cathy's workshop. Her quick and easy techniques were a great jumping off point for creating beautiful journaling pages I'm proud to share with others. The subject matter was personal and has given me incentive to add a few more pages to the project on things I would like to explore about myself. I've always been a journaler, however, this visual journal begs to be reviewed time and again and will help me to keep my goals in sight. Dianne Blake

  • I took your digital collage class and can't thank you enough for it! From knowing absolutely nothing about photoshop elements, I was able to start creating digital collages almost immediately thanks to your clear instructions and screen shots on the video.

  • Just seemed that you were right there across the table from me!Enjoyed the videos very much and you did a wonderful job teaching. Thanks again, Lucille Cherwinski

  • Living in the U.K. I always looked enviously in Somerset Studio at the art courses and retreats, knowing that I would never be able to afford traveling to the States and doing one of these so it is lovely to be able to do them online. I like the way you can see the photos for all the courses because that's inspiration to do another one!

  • I've been very grateful for the prompt help and the courses themselves are really good. So thanks, Angela Norris

  • I am so happy to give a big 'hug' to the efforts and teachers of Creative Workshops.I have taken two of your classes and have on other occasions told you how much they furthered my understanding of Elements and how to use it.I took classes with many Elements Guru's and spent a small fortune and did not understand nor come away from the classes with as much knowledge and enthusiam as I did yours.The other classes SAID they were for beginners...but I guess no one was as much of a 'beginner' as I was because they assumed you knew way more than I did.But your classes, Gail...'took me by the hand' and showed me step by step.Thank you so much for taking the time to, first create these videos and then to be there for me when a question did arise.GREAT JOB! Hugs and Blessings, Nancy

  • I, for one, am completely sold on your offerings. My very first online class, through CW, was with Jodi Ohl's Faux Encaustics class. It was awesome!It gave me a foundation for freeing myself and actually doodling for the very first time. I loved the process, the videos were clear and precise.

  • I have been consistently thrilled with all of the classes that I have taken at CW. I have taken more online classes with you than anywhere else and, as I know I have mentioned in the past, the fact that I can always go back to catch up or review is probably the single most important thing I can say! Life happens and I have had some health challenges that mean I still have yet to finish classes that I have paid for some time ago. The fact that I can wait until I feel good is a huge for me.

  • The class offerings are always superior, well thought out and put together and offer so much in the way of variety. I was thrilled to find an online calligraphy class - they are so hard to find. Decorative brush painting is another class that I am so excited that you have made available. There are more classes that I am looking forward to taking from your excellent line up! CW rocks in my book! Marie Z. Johansen

  • Gail, I simply HAD to write to tell you that your digital workshops are AMAZING. I have taken both of them, and, as I have previously indicated, I was an addict after the first lesson of the first class. I couldn't get enough. I kept playing and discovering and creating and have yet to quit. Or get bored (which is quite a feat for my ADD! LOL). Long story short, I have taken my digital work 'on the road,' so to speak, and was notified last week that three of my digital pieces were accepted into an art show in New York! I cannot thank you enough and thought you'd be happy to know that your teaching is not only effective, but sublime. Thank you again! Kerri [Pestana] Salyards :)

  • Thank you so much for the bonus project Cathy. It was so much fun, and I learned so much from watching you and listening to you think out loud. I'm waiting for your next class. I'd like to see a class with whimsical birds. Thanks so much for this great class, and I really appreciate the bonus.