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Easy Solder Casting - Cat Kerr

Easy Solder Casting - Cat Kerr
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This casting technique is as easy as they come, but I assure you, the end result is clean and quite spectacular! For many years, Iíve tried to narrow down a casting technique that I felt comfortable with. Iíve never taken a class on this, Iím no expert on casting, but I have spent many hours and sleepless nights trying to figure out an easy way to make solder shapes. Iíve tried other casting methods and simply found them to be too difficult with undesirable results. Iím an Easy Peasy kind of Artist, I like working fast with beautiful results and I especially enjoy learning and teaching techniques that can be used in multiple ways in multiple projects.

In this class you will be making two projects.

  • 1-Solder Charm Leather Bracelet
  • 2-Large Copper Frame Pendant

In this Class you will learn:

  • The basics of using a Soldering iron and Butane torch
  • To cast small solder charms
  • To shape, patina and clean the charms
  • Create a leather bracelet
  • How to create a pendant using your castings
  • How to add texture to solder


There are two ingredients in this class that are not on this list but will be revealed on the supply class within the classroom. This is simply for the protection of information from some unscrupulous people.

  • 100 watt Soldering iron
  • Hand held Butane Torch with Butane refill
  • Amerway Lead Free Solder
  • Gel flux with brush
  • For your soldering station( iron, stand,solderite board, tweezers, sal ammoniac, wet sponge, towel, water bowl, cookie sheet,fume fan)
  • Small item to make a mold(charlotte doll, button, ect)
  • Novacan Black Patina
  • Ultra fine steel wool #0000
  • Emery Boards or files
  • Rotary Tool with Grinding Bit
  • Gloves
  • Eyewear
  • Mask
  • 24 gauge blackened steel wire
  • Wire cutter
  • Assorted pliers
  • Beads of choice
  • Chain
  • Closure set for Necklace
  • 1/8Ē or 1/16Ē Letter metal stamp set
  • Anvil
  • Hammer
  • 24Ē of 2mm leather cord
  • Lg. Ornate Copper Frame
  • ľĒ tinned jump rings or 20 gauge Tinned wire if you want to make your own
  • 8mm silver jump rings
  • 1 closure set for bracelet

Red items are available in a kit
Kit is $16 and available at

  • 24Ē of 2mm leather cord
  • 1 Lg. Ornate Copper Frame
  • 2 ľĒ tinned jump rings
  • 7 large 8mm silver jump rings
  • 1 closure set for bracelet

 RESOURCES (solder, tinned copper wire, gel flux, patina, sal ammoniac) (steel wire, copper frame, metal, findings , tools)


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