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Enchanted Book - Nellie Wortman

Enchanted Book - Nellie Wortman
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I have always been fascinated with nature, but especially trees. I love taking bits and pieces of different elements and finding ways to combine them together, to tell a story.

In this class, I will show you how to take a photo and create a painting around it. Regardless of the photo that you wish to use, (you will choose your own photo image(s) none are provided) I will cover different ways of achieving a focal point out of them. We will then proceed to create a book of your painting. A place for you to journal, sketch,watercolor, scrapbook, etc. With the steps that I cover in class, it will have you going home and digging out your photos to use in a whole new and creative way.

DISCLAIMER: The bezel shown on the cover of two images will not be taught in this class. There will be a separate bezel class taught at a later date.

  • Heavy watercolor paper 300 or 400 lb You can make this book any size that you wish. or your local craft store.
  • Old book cover….(OPTIONAL) This does not have to be a vintage book, it can be any book cover that you wish to incorporate. This will be going behind your book. Depending on the size of your book, will determine the size of your book cover. I like to use books that are tattered and falling apart.
  • Pieces of old book spines, cloth covers from old books, etc. (optional)
  • Paper for the pages...this is going to be determined by how you wish to use your book. Example; watercolor, journal, sketch, scrapbook, etc. You will need to use this type of paper for your book. Keep in mind, that you will need to make sure and double your width measurement, to allow for you to fold your paper. craft store or
  • Acrylic paints....I like to use Liquitex acrylic paint in the tubes. I get mine from my local craft store or you can get some from....  My favorite colors to use for this book are; raw umber, white, gray, black.
  • A photo that has been printed on a printer that has permanent inks, if this is not possible, you will need to use a spray sealer (krylon sealer) on it to prevent the inks from smearing.
  • Paint brushes...I like to use the soft grip Royal paint brushes, 3/4” flat width or whatever is your favorite brushes to use. or your local craft store.
  • Needle and thread (I like to use embroidery thread for this process)


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