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Fabric & Lace Composition Journal - Gail Schmidt

Fabric & Lace Composition Journal - Gail Schmidt
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This workshop is all about options and a blend of mixing process and project.

Keep the composition journal for yourself or present it as a fabulous gift to someone special! 

Love fabric?  Love lace?  Now is the time to indulge that passion! Use up pieces and scraps you already have or use this class as an excuse to buy even more fabric or to take that trip to the flea market you've been putting off!

Modern and contemporary or vintage and's your choice.

Love jewel tones or muted aged's your choice.

Use the images I provide or your's your choice. 

Print on fabric?  I show you how but you don't have to...again...I give you choices.

Your journal will not be a replica of mine but truly your own as you weigh your options and make your choices throughout the workshop. 
I will give you things to think about as I discuss the thought processes and inspiration behind the creation of this journal.  You will accompany me every step of the way as I travel from those thought processes to the finished journal. 

If you have never created a journal like this before, or even never created anything before, I will hold your hand and take you through each and every step. I'd rather give you to much information than not enough.  My video camera looks right down on my worktable, with just a couple exceptions where I have to move the camera.  It will be like you are sitting in my chair with lots and lots of close up views.
We are going to learn to print on fabric and some sewing is used in this workshop but they are truly options.  If you don't sew, or prefer not to print on fabric I offer alternatives and everything, with the exception of the decorative stitching, can be accomplished with glue.

Come join me on a fun journey where we are going to rip, cut, stitch, burn, age, print and glue our way to the very end and create something beautiful and fabulous!

Since the workshop is an ongoing class with no take down date, you might prefer to watch the videos before you decide on supplies. This class is all about options and most likely you have most of the supplies already in your studio stash.

  • Composition notebook: inexpensive and usually easily found ie: Wal-Mart, Michaels, grocery store, drug store etc
  • Your favorite fabrics/fabric scraps
  • Muslin or any white or light colored, light weight fabric to print on
  • Lace scraps, ephemera, images (I provide you with the images I used if you like that look)
  • Glue: Tacky glue or white glue, fabric glue
  • Sewing machine: optional
  • Printer
  • freezer paper
  • candle/tea-light, lighter or matches
  • instant coffee/cup of coffee/walnut crystals...explained in the video
  • embellishments ie: old/broken jewelry, buttons, flowers etc
  • ribbon: optional


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