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Fearless Faux Encaustics - Jodi Ohl

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Fearless Faux Encaustics - Jodi Ohl
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Let go and experiment with a variety of mixed media painting and collage techniques as well as documenting your creative process will be just some of the highlights you€ll experience over the course €Fun and Fearless Faux Encaustic II€ with Jodi Ohl.

Throughout the class, you will be immersed in building up layers and then reducing back and letting go as we create our hearty composition which will mimic encaustic work without the expense of purchasing encaustic products and tools.

We will experiment with a variety of background techniques, introducing students to easy ways to build layers and depth using acrylic paint, tools, pencils, crayons,collage elements. Everyone will be encouraged to try a variety of color combinations and techniques as we develop a style or look that best represents the fearless you!

Moving into the last half of the class we will take our favorite background style/color combination and use that to create our final composition that will include more texture, background layers, text and imagery before we reduce it back down with our final layer of €Faux Encaustic€ mixtures.

The samples for the class will be a bird/nature composition which the students can recreate or try a subject of your own. The fearless you can be the one to decide but without doubt, we are going to go €big€and €bold€ or go home. Students will also be encouraged to take pictures, and keep a journal as a form of self discovery during the class and beyond.

Learning to let go, use new products, experiment, and be committed to the creative process are all that are necessary.

No experience required to discover & make friends! Work shop will include: Videos PDF files Collage Sheet (to print and use if desired) Imagery (used to transfer onto substrate)

  • Substrate: You will need several sheets of watercolor paper, drawing paper, 2-3 8x10 or larger canvas boards, and one larger substrate for your composition 11 x 14 or larger canvas board (or alternatively, wood, cradled hardboard would all work).
  • Brushes: I like to use a ½ or 1 inch flat brush for washes, a fan brush for splatters, and various other sizes for details. Use what you have, it will all work! Other suggested items to use for painting: Palette knife, old credit card,water bottle
  • Paint: The first part of the class will be very experimental, use what you have on hand for color as long as it is acrylic. I typically use Golden, Derivan Matisse Flow (available at Jerry€s Artarama), and Liquitex brands. *for€natural€ looking €wax€ you will need titan buff or a light yellow mixed with a bit of white. Gesso should be used as well for prepping some of the surfaces.
  • Paper: We will incorporate some collage items, so this will be a good time touse some scraps of paper you have on hand. I would stick to patterns, words,numbers, and any nature or floral images rather than images of people for these exercises. Tissue paper, dressmaking paper or other light weight paper would be useful as well.
  • Stencils and Stamps: any you have on hand will be fine. I€ll show you ways to take everyday items and make your own marks, or use commercial ones you already have.
  • Mediums: There are 4 mediums I use to get affects in this project: Acrylic glazing medium, tar gel, pouring medium, and acrylic varnish. You will also need something to adhere papers with (matte medium, modge podge,soft gel medium all work well). *After watching the videos, you can choose whether you want to use tar gel or the pouring medium to save a purchase if you choose.
  • Pencils etc: graphite pencils, white chalk or white neo color ii crayon, charcoal, white/black oil pastel all could be used but not vital.
  • Camera: I will be showing a few image transfer techniques so if you have images of nature already on hand, use those, or take photos and make copies of nature items to transfer on to your composition.
  • More details **Most items you probably already have on hand other than the gel mediums--since they rarely go on sale, be sure to use one of the several art/hobby store coupons for 40 percent off that are offered each week for those supplies!!


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