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Fruit, Fruit and More Fruit! - Martha Lever

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Fruit, Fruit and More Fruit! - Martha Lever
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Workshop opens Nov. 1, 2018

In this watercolor class I will teach you a quick way to draw and paint fruit with a wet in wet technique with layers of color. I will also be showing you how to glaze the painting for a wonderful layered effect for depth and texture. We will draw and paint our fruit on bookmark size paper as well as other sizes of paper and artboard that you can give to your friends and family for Christmas or just for any special occasion.

Itís fun and easy with no pressure because watercolor has a mind of its own anyway! The fruit lookjuicy enough to eat!


Donít be daunted by this list! Use what you have but here are some supplies that I will be using and showing you (because you will be wondering what that is I am using!) I would suggest you watch through the videos first then decide if you want to invest in the colors---then watch the videos again!

Supplies I will be using:

I have included Amazon links but feel free to Google and find better prices at Dick Blick etc. if you plan on purchasing.

1. Pull out all your watercolors! See what you have before buying anything.

*I will be using Red, Magenta, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Yellow, and Lemon Yellow. Diox Purple, Burnt Sienna, Sap Green and Neutral Tintóand any other colors that you might haveóespecially greens

*Quinacridone Gold -- My favorite color for pears!

2.140 lb cold press watercolor paper. Arches cold press paper in the pad block is best but Strathmore 500 Series in the pad is fine too. I also use Canson Watercolor Artboards.

I also LOVE Canson Moulin du Roy 140 lb watercolor paper.

3.Micron .05 Black pen for outlining or any small black marker.

4.Small twine for bookmark fringeóor whatever you would like to use for the tassel of the bookmark. Material strips could be nice too!

I use this:

5.Round Princeton Velvetouch #6 and #8. But use any good brushes that you have that have a good point.

6.BUT I have discovered a fabulous new brush. It comes from England from Rosemary and CO. It is this: #5, #7

7.I sometimes use metal corners but wait to see me use them before you buy although they are really cheap from Amazon. point.

If you are a beginner then you can certainly use this set: Or any set that you have.


But rememberógood paint and tools make you paint better.

Ok!! Letís get ready to paint some fruit!


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