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Grunge Ink - Jodi Ohl

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Grunge Ink - Jodi Ohl
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Are you the intrigued by experimental art?  Does letting loose and letting things ‘flow’ excite and scare you at the same time?  During this action packed and fun filled class we are going to create a variety of Inked up abstracts on an amazing surface which will allow you to add, subtract, draw, drip and more as you create one of a kind grungy abstract mixed media art pieces.  Learn how to create compositions that begged to be touched and leave your viewer wondering ‘how did they do that?’!!!! The creative energy you will bring to class will literally assist in the act of ‘transformation’ each and every piece from one stage to another. Be ready for exhilarating exercises, bring your fearless artistic self, and come prepared for hours of grungy inky fun and creative experimentation!

This class is for those who are fearless and love to experiment, or for those that want to be more adventurous in their art.  We will be working on Yupo paper and incorporating a variety of acrylic inks, paints, India ink and tons of special effects to garner intriguing and luscious layers in our contemporary abstract works.

 Skill Level: Beginner and up

Students will work on several ink paintings, and assorted techniques to use in many mixed media applications.  Some of our assignments will include graffiti style writing, landscapes, free expression abstracts and more.  In fact you may want to buy extra pads of Yupo paper because once you start, it’ll be hard to start!


  • Assorted brushes: round, detailed, fan
  • 2 pads (OR more if you like to experiment) of Yupo paper in white 11 x 14
  • Or if you like to work large, full sheets are available however you will still need at least one pad of the smaller sheets.
  • Full sheet 144 lb 26 x 20
  • 11 x 14 Pad:
  • Black India Ink: 2-3 bottles depending on how many paintings you decide to do:
  • Golden High Flow Ink: you can buy just a few of the small bottles in colors you love. There are also sets available at a decent price for 10 colors:
  • I like them both but the assorted sets have the colors I use probably the most.
  • Small rubber brayer
  • Stencils and other mark making material
  • Neo color II crayons (white and maybe one other color)* Optional
  • Paper towels
  • Titan Buff, White, and Red Acrylic paint*(optional for other colors). Golden Fluid Acrylics Best for Titan buff and Red (or other favorite fluid acrylic) , any soft body acrylics for white.
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Super Fine Applicator Bottle:


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