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Inspirational Pendant - Cat Kerr

Inspirational Pendant - Cat Kerr
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As a mixed media artist I love incorporating all sorts of materials into one project. Mixing it up with a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and happily coming up with something that harmoniously comes together in the end.As was the case with my “Inspirational Pendants”.

These pendants were originally inspired by Acrylic Word Stamps that I simply fell in love with. I knew that I had to figure out a way on how to use them, and somehow fuse them in my mixed media jewelry. Once I determined how to do it, I began adding layers of resin and fabric, creating a totally delicious pendant full of texture, feeling and Inspiration.

In this class
  • You will combine hard and soft elements like cool copper and warm fabric scraps.
  • You will learn how to etch a word/ image on to metal
  • You will add two layers of resin to your pendant, embedding assorted findings in between the layers, which will add even more depth to your pendant
  • You will machine stitch a bed if fabrics to lay your pendant in
  • You will create a necklace by combining trim and wire wrapping

When finished, you will be wearing something that not only inspires you, but the world around you. Hope to see you there!


  • ·2” x 4” Copper-S
  • ·Rubbing Alcohol
  • ·Metal Snips
  • ·Desired Stamp image(can be wood or acrylic stamp, I prefer acrylic)
  • The stamps I used are called Lille and can be found at
  • ·Fabric Scraps
  • ·Ribbon Trim with Two Ribbon Crimp Beads
  • ·8”x 11” Synthetic Felt
  • ·Seed Beads
  • ·Rub-ons-S
  • ·Book Text/star confetti
  • ·Ice Resin, 2 Measure cups and popsicle stick
  • ·4 Decorative Glass Beads- Local Craft Store
  • ·22G Black Steel Wire-S
  • ·Steel Wool Ultra Fine- Local Hardware Store
  • ·Liver of
  • ·Stayz on Ink- Local Craft Store
  • ·Etchant Solution-Radio Shack
  • ·Gloves
  • ·Mask
  • ·Needle and Thread
  • ·2 plastic bowls (one for etchant, one with 2 tablespoons of baking soda)
  • ·Paper towels
  • ·Masking tape
  • ·Wax paper
  • ·Paper plates
  • ·Metal hole punch-Local Craft Store
  • ·Rotary tool-Local Hardware Store
  • ·Sewing machine
  • ·Scissors
  • Optional: small glass container or anythingyou may want to stitch to your fabric
  • *Red= Kit will be available in my online shop and will include these items
  • *S=Also sold separately in my online shop


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