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Italic Calligraphy - The Right Foundation AND Calligra-FUN - Martha Lever

Italic Calligraphy - The Right Foundation AND Calligra-FUN - Martha Lever
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This Purchase is for two classes... Italic Calligraphy and Calligra-FUN.  Buying both at this time saves $10.00 over purchasing both separately.

My goal is to start you off on the right track with Italic Calligraphy. I will take you through a step-by-step approach of learning this style of calligraphy. It is important to be diligent and to take your time and do all of the lessons, giving yourself lots of time for practice and-- most of all, have patience. You will see yourself improving every time you practice. But a word of warning, if you don’t use it—you might lose it so---practice and use it!!! It’s fun!

Lesson 1 We will look at our workspace and our supplies
Lesson 2 We will start to learn the letterforms with a monoline.
Lesson 3 We will start to use a double pencil to start with keeping a 45 degree angle and start to make the letterforms.
Lesson 4, Part 1,2,3 We will start using out Parallel pen to make the letterforms.
Lesson 4 Part 3 Just a little chat and encouragement
Lesson 5 Using the Zigs
Lesson 6 Capitals
Lesson 7 Mixing gouache, alphabet chain and we will start applying and using our calligraphy letters.

I have many PDFs, which are labeled with the correct lessons. Print them all off so you can have them in front of you and ready to use for each lesson.

Most of all have fun and remember, you are learning an art form that you can continue the rest of your life and one that will bring you extreme pleasure and excitement.

Calligraphy is ART!!!


Supplies with *** are required. Supplies with just a star are highly recommended.
All other supplies are optional

My two main suppliers are:

John Neal Booksellers

Paper and Ink Arts
You probably should call them and speak to Brenda or Kim and they will gather everything for you.


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