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Master the Decorative Painting Basics- Part 2 - Liz Miller, CDA

Master the Decorative Painting Basics- Part 2 - Liz Miller, CDA
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You’ve wanted to know the secrets for creating depth and volume in your painted designs. It’s all in the shading and highlighting, creating volume and shape. Join us in this video to discover these techniques and theory.

This 120 minute video is the next step following Part 1 one in my Mastering the Decorative Painting Basics It also is an excellent, stand alone guide for those of you who want to improve your side loading or have had difficulty with side loading. You will learn easy to follow steps that lead to successful side loading.

In our second video in the decorative painting basics series, using acrylic paints, I will teach my step by step technique for side loading your flat brush to smoothly and effectively shade or highlight the elements of your design. We’ll also explore the art theory for creating volume within the elements of your design.

After a short review of part one, base coating, I explain and demonstrate the techniques for side loading. Working on the sample design started in video one, we’ll begin to create volume and shape, bringing out the berries and floral elements in this design. This video is broken into short segments with breaks for you to practice the techniques. After the breaks we’ll discuss problems that you might have encountered and how to correct these. By the end of the video you will have an understanding of the side loading techniques used in this video and be ready to practice these techniques, which just means to paint, paint, paint. The more you practice side loading using these steps the more fluent you become.

Video three in this series will include techniques and theory for line work, details, and embellishments to complete this design.

The Supply List is the same for all three classes so you may already have these supplies if you have taken the first part.
  • Waxed Palette: I like the palette by Canson because it stays flat and has just the right amount of repellency for brush prep. The Grey Matters palette by Jack Richeson & co. is also very nice.
  • Tracing Paper: I like the Canson paper.
  • Graphite paper, dark and light: I like the graphite by Loew Cornell. It doesn’t easily smear.
  • Stylus
  • Chalk pencil by General
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Foam brush
  • Deco Magic Brush cleaner by DecoArt or Masters brush cleaner
  • An assortment of sand paper
  • Multi Purpose Sealer by DecoArt
  • Varnish: used in video 3
  • Surface of choice.
  • Practice paper.
  • Brushes: Golden Taklon by Scharff excellent brushes that will aid you in your painting and long lasting.
  • # 10 flat series 140 (or 142 with acrylic handle)
  • #4 round series 405 (or 406 with acrylic handle)
  • # 1 liner series 455 (or 458 with acrylic handle)
  • Paints: Americana by DecoArt
  • Jade Green #DA057
  • Warm White #DA239
  • Blue Harbor #DA283
  • Cranberry Wine #DA112
  • Olive Green #DA56
  • Prussian Blue #DA138
  • Spa Blue #DA277
  • Light Buttermilk #DA164
  • Plantation Pine #113


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