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Mind Your own Beeswax - Serena Barton

Mind Your own Beeswax - Serena Barton
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Encaustic is an ancient art that is enjoying a tremendous renaissance in our time. Encaustic pieces have a luminous glow found in no other medium. Encaustic layers are "dry" almost instantly and yet they can be reworked at any time in the future. Encaustic works wonderfully with a variety of mixed media elements and techniques.

Mind Your Own Beeswax is a perfect class for those new to encaustic. You'll learn to make encaustic medium and encaustic paint, use collage and photo transfer with encaustic, add 3-D embellishments, and more. You'll have fun experimenting with the many fascinating effects that you can achieve by creating with encaustic. If you have used encaustic before but would like a refresher or new inspiration, you'll find it in this class.
When you register for this class you'll receive access to six 20 minute lessons and to an accompanying set of PDF handouts. We'll cover:
  • Making encaustic medium
  • Making encaustic paint
  • Fusing encaustic layers with an embossing gun
  • Fusing encaustic layers with a torch
  • Encaustic painting methods and styles
  • Encaustic collage
  • Making image transfers on encaustic
  • Using instant coffee with encaustic
  • Using oil paint, oil sticks, and Hot Sticks with encaustic
  • Incising in encaustic
  • Using shellac with encaustic
  • Attaching and embedding 3-D elements
  • Using gold transfer paper on encaustic
  • Using tissue paper with encaustic
  • Using oil pastels on encaustic
  • Using rubber stamping with encaustic
  • Stenciling with encaustic paint


  • Electric frying pan
  • Electric pancake griddle
  • Tuna or cat food cans
  • Wood panels
  • Embossing gun
  • Butane or propane torch
  • Bristle sash brushes, large and medium sizes (Home improvement or hardware stores)
  • Pottery scraper
  • Beeswax, filtered and/or unfiltered
  • Powdered pigments, oil paints, or ready- made encaustic paint
  • Inkjet or toner printed images
  • Toner (copy shop) printed images
  • Decorative napkins
  • Lightweight collage paper
  • Tissue paper
  • 3-D embellishments, such as metal buttons
  • Instant coffee
  • Dark oil paint
  • Paper towels
  • Woodcarving tool or old dental tools for incising
  • Cheesecloth
  • Encaustic or tacking iron
  • Hot Sticks by Enkaustikos
  • Nail polish remover and cotton balls
  • Dark India ink


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