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Peaceful & Pondering Fabric Lace Book - Suzy Quaife

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Peaceful & Pondering Fabric Lace Book - Suzy Quaife
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From beautiful Australia we're proud to have Suzy teaching a class at Creative Workshops!

If you have a passion for collecting and/or working with old, pre-loved, vintage and antique recycled clothing, beautiful old silks, satins, brocades, textured fabrics, old laces, doilies, trimmings and embellishments  such as sari ribbons,, string, threads, fibres and any type of bindings, bits and bobs of treasured jewellery items (even family keepsakes and jewels), rusty items (like hinges) and paper ephemera etc. then this is a class just waiting for you!

I will show you how you can use these things to build collages which can be sewn onto pages to create your very own journal.

This is a very comprehensive class where I will walk you through all the stages from start to finish in

- choosing which types of fabrics and materials you can use,
- editing images on your computer for using in your collages 
- some simple, no fuss, dyeing and inking techniques,
- creating a complete layered collage with embellishments and a pocket page,
- editing images on your computer for using in your collages,
- preparing your pages for your journal,
- arranging your pages into signatures for your journal,
- creating a spine for your pages
- attaching your pages to your spine and 
- creating a collaged cover back and front and finally
- creating a simple tie/wrap for your journal and attaching it.

Your choices of materials are entirely up to you – they can be new or old, bright or muted colours, modern or contemporary, steampunk etc. choosing a theme which reflects your own personal style and creativity and you will end up with a beautiful journal that you will treasure.

You will find this class, using these steps, lots of fun and easy to follow with the added bonus of keeping costs to minimum using recycled items if you wish. So let the show begin with some folding, ripping, tearing, dyeing, stitching, inking and glueing and I’ll be there with you to guide you along the way!


For Cover
  • Wadding (aka Batting....I use wool wadding) approx. 9” x  15”.
  • Scrim/Cheesecloth approx. 12” x  20“.
  • A selection of doilies larger and smaller (approx. 6-8) which can be cut or ripped.
  •  2 x book covers or thick card stock or even back of A$ water color pad approx. 6” x  8”.
  • Brocade (as well, or as an alternative to a lace cover) if you prefer approx. 9” x  20”.
For Pages
These will measure approx. 6” x 8”.
  • 4 sheets of (140lb) 300gsm A4 (9x12) water color paper (1 sheet folded in half gives 4 pages double sided in your book).
  • Calico (muslin) or soft cotton (new or recycled) for collaging onto. You will need approx. 10” x 30”.
  • Images of your choice – 9 in total (of your chosen theme) to be used as centre pieces for each page
  • Inc. One for the front cover measuring approx. 3” x 5” max. (can be smaller) and they can be cut down if necessary.  These can be printed onto paper, water color paper, card stock or fabric. I will not be going into a lot of detail about image transfer in this class.
  • A variety of fabrics (small quantities) inc. Silks, organza sheers, netting, cottons, velvets, fabric scraps, laces and doilies for embellishing. They can be new or vintage/antique.
  • Embellishments inc. Buttons, vintage jewellery, bling, braids, tassels, fibres, lace appliqués, doilies to cut up (approx. 12 or more), flower appliqués, etc.
Other Misc. Items

  • Sewing Machine (although this book may be hand stitched or glued).
  • Pins, wool needle or doll needle.
  • Scissors.
  • Sewing threads to match fabrics and laces.
  • Linen thread (waxed if possible) or you can wax your own thread. I will be showing this!
  • Iron and ironing board.
  • Cutting board, Rotary cutter.
  • Medium thickness card stock or thin card for backing images.
  • Tacky glue.
  • Bonstick bluestick.
  • Icecream stick for glueing.
  • Hole punch for binding.
  • Parisian Essence (or several tea/coffee bags as an alternative) for dyeing laces and doilies.
  • Tim Holtz stamp pads of your choice e.g. Gathering Twigs, Frayed Burlap, Vintage photo, Walnut stain (or similar stamp pad and colors of your choice) for aging images.
  • Sari ribbon – colors of your choice – two, which work together, about 1 metre of each and/or narrow cotton lace (about ¼- ½ inch wide) – same length.
  • Pegs for holding pages together (approx. 20).
  • Thick cardstock for spine approx. 3” x 81/2”

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