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Pearology - Martha Lever

Pearology - Martha Lever
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In this watercolor class you will learn to paint beautiful, bright,luminous pears and are so real you could reach out and take a bite.

You will not only learn the “magic” of creating beautiful backgrounds but you will learn some tips and techniques of shading that will prove to be invaluable in all your watercolor paintings whether just in your journal or framed as a masterpiece. After this class you will not only be a “Pear-ologist” but you will have some new tricks up your art sleeve and will help you become the best watercolorist you can be.
Have Fun!


Only the supplies with the asterick are the ones you have to have. All other supplies are optional. 

* Must haves

Supplies that I will be using are in red

You might want to look at the “Supplies” video in the classroom  before ordering any supplies!


If any of these links don’t work you can always Google the supply and find sources for it.


*Watercolor Brush #8 Round-


Dream Catcher #8 Round

I highly recommend this brush. It’s the Cadillac of watercolor brushes. It is expensive but well worth it.


Utrecht #8 Round 6150—Very good brush for the price


Or go to your local art store and get one nice round #8  synthetic brush that has a good point. Don’t spend money on a really nice sable brush for this class. (not that you would anyway!) But you probably need to pay $15 on up for a good one.

Transparent Watercolors: You can use what you have but these are the colors I will be using. Buy as your budget allows. These are Daniel Smith colors.

 Burnt Orange

Mangenese Blue Hue

Quinacridone Coral

Raw Sienna

 *Quinacridone Gold-This is the most important color.

Daniel Smith:


You can buy these colors in a watercolor stick if you prefer for $8.45 each.


Or if you have some similar Windsor Newton colors:


These are Winsor Newtoncolors 

Windsor Yellow

Quinacridone Gold –you can use either this (or the one from Daniel Smith)



*140 lb Fabriano Artistico  Extra White Cold press paper-2 sheets (22x30)


*Arches Bright White 140 lb cold press- 2 sheets (22x30)

 The Arches paper can be found at Michaels—use your coupon.


Tombow Markers: These are for the stem—you can use watercolor for this. 

977 Saddle Brown

969 Chocolate


Thread for book: off white—or any color you might have

You can use a thick sewing thread and run it through some bees wax or candle wax.

2 ply is fine –or whatever you have

By the yard:


 Old toothbrush

Any other watercolors you have


Varnish: Satin finish or gloss (I use gloss in this brand)


Minwax Polycrylic Semi-Gloss Waterbased Protective finish


 Crafter’s Workshop Stencils


Artist Cellar Stencils


Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original

        Local grocery and drug stores


Stephen Quiller Travel Palette


Unryu paper:

YES! Paste



Ampersand Aquaboard


Fritch Scrubber


Script stamp

There are many others. You can find some good ones also at Michaels and Hobby Lobby


Illusions Floater Frame


After your purchase you will receive a receipt. In this receipt will be a link to a page from which to download your class information. This page contains the class name(s) and a link to download a PDF with the class address, user name and password. This is the only class access information you will receive and the link expires, so please download and save it as soon as you have finished your purchase. If you do not find it in your inbox please check your spam folder and add us to your contact list.

 Please keep this receipt for future reference to any class you have purchased from Creative Workshops. If you need to contact us with a question about a class, this receipt will help us reply to your inquiry in a timely fashion.


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