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Pod-tastic - Jodi Ohl

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Pod-tastic - Jodi Ohl
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During “Podtastic” we will cover a variety of background techniques including layering, mixing medias, color studies and product exploration before we move on to exercises to build your confidence and your composition. Color and blending are key components in the process along with doodling, layering, designing, and creating in an abstract manner.

We will complete 2-3 full paintings in the workshop in a variety of sizes, plus work in our journals as a playground for ideas. Prompts will be given to jumpstart your creative muse! In addition, you will also see at least one start to finish painting so that the whole process can be revisited without interruption. In other words…there is a lot you will learn!!!

*Most of Jodi’s classes run 3-5 hours in length and have been celebrated as being amongst the best in the online class industry. You’ve asked about this. I’ve been thinking about it. And now…It’s here! Jodi Ohl’s popular live workshop.

 The course is structured in a way that will be accessible to the beginner but also challenging enough for the more advanced student. If you follow along all the videos, and complete the exercises, you should feel more than comfortable throughout the process. As far as supplies are concerned, if you are new to painting this course may require a bit of investment as paints other than craft paint will be part of the recommendations in order to get the bright and bold colors achieved in the samples. The large majority of supplies should be ones that most painters and mixed media artists have on hand already or ones that are readily accessible.

 If you’ve taken the live version of this class, I’m sure there will be plenty of new techniques for you to enjoy and learn from. Honestly, every time I teach a class, I try to keep evolving as I learn new things or change up how I create a piece of art. In the excitement of being in a live class, there is also a likelihood of forgetting components or just missing something due to distractions that are natural to any class. So the answer is YES…take the course again and enjoy what’s new or revisit techniques you’ve learned before.


Most of the supplies we will be using will be items (if you paint) that are already on hand with a few NEW additions.

I know many students like to get started right off the bat and gather all of their supplies before class begins, but at the same time, if there are things you don’t have, are unsure of if you will use, or simply not sure if you want—wait to class opens so you can watch my introduction and supply video. I will thoroughly review all of these items for ypu

You can get your canvases and some of the basics though—that for sure you will use!  Any questions, feel free to email me at
  • Basic Painters Tool Kit:   Gesso,  paint brushes (an assortment of brushes including a large flat for background and washes,  medium and small detail brushes).  I use a lot of flat brushes but like round for blending as well.   Water bucket,  paint palette, gloves, apron, matte medium.
  • Surfaces:  If you dare, go large and paint with abandon!   I will be demonstrating with 24 x 24 canvases or larger.   You will also need  1-2 smaller canvas for exercises.  11  x 14 or a size similar.  In total  2-3 larger canvases and 1-2 smaller.  You may also choose to paint on large water color paper, that is fine too and may be more affordable than a large canvas.  If you go that route, be sure to purchase 140 lb  or higher cold press paper.
  • Journal:  My current favorite journal is the large Dylusions journal.  Any journal hand made or store bought is fine as long as it can accept both wet and dry media.
  • Paint:  Soft body white and black acrylic paint plus 5-6 other colors.  I recommend professional grade paint by Liquitex, Golden, Matisse, or DaVinci.  When you are choosing colors,  try to pick colors that can both mix together well and compliment each other.  Pinterest is a great resource for color inspiration if you are stuck. We will also be discussing color theory a bit during class.
  • Glazing Medium-Satin
  • A couple of colors of Acrylic Ink  (choose colors that will go with your painting).
  • Calligraphy SKETCHING or CARTOONING set of dip pens by Speedball.  Be sure not to get the regular calligraphy pen.
  • Black and White India Ink (I use Higgins for both and can be found in the same section as your calligraphy pens in most retails stores).
  • Stabilo Marks All pencil in Black
  • Favorite stencils
  • Spray Bottle (both large and a mini mister bottle)
  • Extras:  These things are nice to have and I do use them but they are not necessary—paint pens (sharpie water based,  a couple of colors of water soluble Neocolor II crayons.  Markers, pastels, pens, needle nose applicator bottles. I use David Ford’s Fineline  applicators in both .18 and .20 gauge, Deli paper
  • Finishing Spray: I recommend  Krylon Matte or Satin Spray. Also optional—don’t buy this until the end---I will be finishing one of my paintings with a top coat of either Tar Gel or Pouring Medium.  You can watch the videos to see if this is something you may want to do too, but it’s not critical.

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