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Questions About Our Site

What is an online class or workshop?

Our classes, also known as workshops, are video taped classes by the artists, that we then host online (on the internet). All of our classes are accessible from your computer and most mobile devices. 

Who or what is Creative Workshops?

Creative Workshops is an online venue dedicated to bringing you a variety of artists who offer art video workshops. Our classes are all online, available 24/7 and offer access to the teacher of each workshop within each "classroom". Our artists are experienced in different mediums and love to share and teach workshops at all skill levels
 We have been in business since January 2009.


Do I have to join anything or pay a monthly subscription fee to buy a class?


Absolutely not. Simply purchase whatever class you are interested in and that's it, no further obligation.

How long do I have access to a class I purchase?

Our classes are available indefinitely. That means that we do not take them down unless a teacher retires a class, which sometimes happens. We have classes that have been available since we opened. If for whatever reason a class must be retired, we give students already enrolled at least 6 months after the class closes to access the classroom. All retirements are announced through our newsletter and Facebook page. We also put a notice in the classroom itself.

Are there any requirements I need to know to take a class? 


  • Just a couple. You need a high-speed internet connection. Most of the time this is either cable or DSL. Dial up is to slow.
  • Make sure you have the latest updates on your browser(s).
  • You are expected to have basic computer and Internet skills. 
  • You will need to be able to download files, copy, paste or save documents to your hard drive. It is your responsibility to know these skills before a workshop begins these skills WILL NOT be taught during any workshop.
  • Most viewing issues are usually a connection issue on the viewer's end... such as not enough memory or an older system. For slow down and looping, we always recommend trying a different browser and clearing your cache. Google the term "cache" if you need help with this. 

How do I contact you if I have a question?


  • We have a Contact Us button at the top of this page. If you have a question please be as specific as you can in your correspondence, as it will help us be able to answer your questions more quickly and efficiently.

How can I find out new class offerings and any class sales you have?

  • We have a couple different avenues of offering our latest information on class sales, new upcoming classes or classes that are retiring  (sometimes it happens) that you can choose from. At the top of this page we have a Newsletter button. Click on that and you can join our newsletter mailing list. We also share our latest information on our Facebook page.