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Shadowbox Pendants - Cat Kerr

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Shadowbox Pendants - Cat Kerr
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I love Shadowboxes...especially itty bitty ones that you can wear around you neck! I love that you can customize them and fill them with your personal photos and tiny keepsakes or you can keep them generic with vintage photos and inspirational words. My twist on the traditional shadowbox is that I love incorporating layers and by doing so I end up with a piece that offers dimension. This almost always causes the onlooker to pause and step in for a closer look and there's no better compliment than that!

In this class you will:

•Make a shadowbox Frame

•Learn the basics of using a Soldering iron

•Learn about using Patina

•Incorporate multiple layers to add dimension

•Solder the frame and glass

•Learn the basics of using a clear doming resin.


·Kit available here (if you do not get the kit,you will need: 2 pc. 1”x 2”of glass,1/4” wood sticks,rubbing alcohol wipes,5/8” copper foil tape(you would need a 12 x 12 sheet and cut it into strips),copper tinned wire,round pliers,wire cutters,images)

·Novacan Patina

·Gel Flux

·Baking soda

·Paper Towels


·Emery Board

·Rub ons

·Black Sharpie

·Tacky Glue

·Copper Foil roller

·Ultra fine steel wool

·Leather cording,clasp,chain to hang your pendants

·Blackened Steel Wire

·Small Items to put in your shadowboxes(crochet trim,buttons,wood pieces,words etc.)

·(Optional) mask for solder fumes

·(Optional) Fume Fan

·¼ lb. to 1 lb. roll of Amerway Brand Solder (link below).Any lead free solder will work,but this is my brand of choice.

·Soldering Station: 100 watt soldering iron, heavy duty stand,sponge,cookie sheet, heat protective surface,wood handle tweezers,small clamps, flux with cup and brush, eye wear, fire extinguisher.

·Amazing Clear Cast Resin

·Assorted pliers

·Wire Cutter

·Renaissance wax/soft cloth 

·Glitter/micro beads


-Kit: go here for the kit

-Soldering Supplies: Go here for soldering supplies.

-Assorted supplies: (wire,leather cording,rub ons,resin)  Click HERE

This is the mask I use Honeywell RWS-54008 Saf-T-Fit Plus P95 Disposable Respirator with Exhalation Valve. $8 on Amazon


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