Online video art classes and workshops. Creative classes to fit your busy lifestyle.100+ classes from Altered Art to Mixed Media, Watercolor and Zentangle,to name a few, we've got you covered. Available 24/7, watch them as often as you need. art workshops mixed media online video classes online art classes online classes,video classes,mixed media classes,watercolor,drawing,calligraphy,encaustic,acrylics,photoshop,jewelry,journaling,handmade books
Creative Workshops
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Paint! Ink! Emboss! - Sara Naumann
4 Part Watercolor Series: Part 1: Watercolor Houses - Cathy Bluteau
4 Part Watercolor Series: Part 2: Watercolor Girls - Cathy Bluteau
4 Part Watercolor Series: Part 3: Watercolor Flowers - Cathy Bluteau
4 Part Watercolor Series: Part 4: Watercolor Objects - Cathy Bluteau
4 Part Watercolor Series: Purchase Entire Series & Save - Cathy Bluteau
Abstract Painting with Oil and Cold Wax - Serena Barton
Abstracts in Cold Wax - Jodi Ohl
Altered Domino Books - Terri Heinz
Altered Techniques 101 - Ann Butler
Art Journaling with Gelatos - Sara Naumann
Art Journaling: The Book - Jodi Ohl
Be Still My Heart - Carol Berger
Be Still My Heart and Heart Chains Class Bundle - Carol Berger
Becoming - Nellie Wortman
Behind You - Jodi Ohl
Blue Eyed Kitty - Liz Miller, CDA
Bundled Dog and Cat Portraits in Graphite - Elizabeth Johnson
Butterfly Batik - Liz Miller
Calligra-FUN - Martha Lever
Cardmaking Sampler with Sara Naumann
Cat Portrait in Graphite - Elizabeth Johnson
Charming Shadowbox Tin - Carol Berger
Chunky Versals - Martha Lever
Collage in Color - Cathy Bluteau
Collage Plus - Cathy Bluteau
Color Drop Flowers - Martha Lever
Colored Pencils 101 - Elizabeth Johnson
Create the Dress you were meant to Twirl and Spin In - Sue Pelletier
Credit Card Flowers - Martha Lever
Dirty Flirty Birds - Jodi Ohl
Dog Portraits in Graphite - Elizabeth Johnson
Doodle Page - Lori Vliegen
Doodle Squared - Cathy Bluteau
Draw Collage Paint - Cathy Bluteau
Drawing The Girls - Martha Lever
Easy Solder Casting - Cat Kerr
Enchanted Book - Nellie Wortman
Fabric & Lace Composition Journal - Gail Schmidt
Fearless Faux Encaustics - Jodi Ohl
Floral Expressions - Ursula Wollenberg
Found Poetry Collage - Sara Naumann
FREE CLASS! Easy Collaged, Prayer Flag Hanger - Gail Schmidt
Fresh Flowers - Ursula Wollenberg
Fruit, Fruit and More Fruit! - Martha Lever
Fun with Faux Encaustics - Jodi Ohl
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Glass Tube Pendants - Cat Kerr
Grunge Ink - Jodi Ohl
Heart Chains - Carol Berger
Inspiration Cards - Dawn Meisch
It Takes a Village - Cathy Bluteau
It Takes a Village 2 - Cathy Bluteau
Italic Calligraphy - The Right Foundation - Martha Lever
Italic Calligraphy - The Right Foundation - Martha Lever FOR THOSE WHO HAVE TAKEN CALLIGRA-FUN
Italic Calligraphy - The Right Foundation AND Calligra-FUN - Martha Lever
It's All About the Face - Ursula Wollenberg
Journal Backgrounds: Texture and Color - Cathy Bluteau
Journal With Me - Cathy Bluteau
Journaling from Inside - Cathy Bluteau
Layers of Memory and Imagination - Serena Barton
Lazertran Techniques for Stamping and Collage - Sara Naumann
Learn to Draw Faces - Liz Miller
letterLAB - Lori Vliegen
Life Stuff - A Coptic Journal Project - Lori Vliegen
Lollapalooza 1 - Martha Lever
Lollapalooza 1, 2 & 3 - Martha Lever
Lollapalooza 2 - Martha Lever
Lollapalooza 3 - Martha Lever
Lost and Bound: Making Your Own Handmade, Tea Stained, Vintage Journals - Cathy Bluteau
Master the Decorative Painting Basics- Part 1 - Liz Miller, CDA
Master the Decorative Painting Basics- Part 2 - Liz Miller, CDA
Master the Decorative Painting Basics- Part 3 Embellishments - Liz Miller, CDA
Mind Your own Beeswax - Serena Barton
Mixed Media Collage Backgrounds - Nancy Lefko
My Weekend Fabric Book - Nellie Wortman
Painted Fabric Collage - Nancy Lefko
Painting Poppies - Martha Lever
Panda in Pastel - Elizabeth Johnson
Paper Pretty Girls - Cathy Bluteau
Peaceful & Pondering Fabric Lace Book - Suzy Quaife
Pearology - Martha Lever
Pencils 101 - Elizabeth Johnson
Pencils 101, 201, 301 the Series - Elizabeth Johnson
Pencils 201 - Elizabeth Johnson
Pencils 301 - Elizabeth Johnson
Playing Dress Up - Ursula Wollenberg
Playing Dress Up 2 - Ursula Wollenberg
Pod-tastic - Jodi Ohl
Shadowbox Pendants - Cat Kerr
Snowfall with Liz Miller, CDA
Soulful Adornments - Terri Heinz
Summer Memories - Ursula Wollenberg
Summer Romance - Liz Miller, CDA
Sunning Turtles - Liz Miller, CDA
Sweet Art - Jodi Ohl
Takin' Care of Business - Gaye Medbury
Tattered and Timeworn Banner - Nellie Wortman
The Collector - Cat Kerr
The Woven Fat Book - Gaye Medbury
True Blue Collage - Cathy Bluteau
Tulips in Colored Pencils - Elizabeth Johnson
Vintage Snowmen Bottles - Sue Pelletier
Watercolor Carving - Catherine Cote (CeeCee's Creations)
Watercolor Fun with Elegant Writer® - Catherine Cote (CeeCee’s Creations)
Watercolor Rose - Liz Miller, CDA
Whimsical Dress Pendant - Cat Kerr
Whimsical Tiara's & Regal Crowns - Robin Dudley Howes
Who Are You - Jodi Ohl
You Can Learn Watercolor Pencil - Marilyn Harris Mills
Zen Houses - Jodi Ohl
Zen Painting: Pathways and Connections - Jodi Ohl
Zentangle - Beyond the Basics - Dawn Meisch
Zentangle 101 - Dawn Meisch
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